Top 5 Resume Mistakes to Avoid for Landing Your Dream Job in 2016

The year has almost come to a close. For many, this means making New Year resolutions. If one of those resolutions happens to be landing that coveted job in 2016, then ask yourself what steps have you taken to take advantage of the fresh 2016 job postings. Have you updating your profile in LinkedIn? Sent out resumes on job searching portals? This is one resolution that you should start working on and given below is a list of mistakes that if avoided will help you to refine your own resume so that you are able to truly communicate your unique value and can stand apart from the rest of the applicants.

Mistake#1 Confused Title


An impressive resume starts with a concise and to-the-point title or headline describing what you do and what role you are applying for, for instance, marketing executive or sales leader. Without a clear title, recruiters are going to be utterly confused as to what position or role you are exactly applying for and among hundreds of other applications, your one might just be overlooked.

Mistake#2 Overuse of Ornate Language

Resume Mistake

It is a common practice among job-seekers to use flowery words and long sentences because they feel that this is necessary to convey gravitas and seniority. In fact, this puts off the reader. Simple, clear language with short punchy sentences is what should be used when writing your summary.

Mistake#3 Introductions that Say Too Much

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If you are someone with considerable years of work experience, then you might have many skills and many selling points to back you up. But if you end up including them all in the resume, then the introduction would end up being long, hard-to-read and the recruiter may get bored flipping through your resume. To make a good impression, decide on 2-3 selling points that overrides the rest and make those the centerpiece of your resume.

Mistake#4 Omitted Keyword


Many employers prefer to get the resumes scanned by a computer prior to a human ever seeing it. This is especially true in the case of recruiters that maintain large databases of candidates and then scan those databases for keywords when new opportunities arise. If you want to be found, your application has to contain all those important words or phrases that are used in your particular profession or industry.

Mistake#5 Formatting Issues


Job-seekers sometimes go overboard in trying to impress recruiters. It is advised that you should keep the resume formatting simple because too many fancy tricks might render your application unreadable when scanned by a computer system.

It is amazing how common these errors are. If it is too much for you to worry about and you do not want to lose on a huge opportunity, then go ahead and hire a professional resume writer who have the expertise and skills to create resumes that are one-of-a-kind and comes under the attention of potential recruiters.

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