Sell Yourself In Any Job Interview With These Four Questions!

While focusing exceptionally hard on answering interview questions, many job seekers tend to forget something very crucial: They are there to ask questions too.

Job seekers with no prior experience often feel that the game is over when the interviewer says, ‘Do you have any questions for me?’ But the fact of the matter is that this is where one can really sell himself or herself and bowl over the interviewer. But of course, one cannot go on ranting and asking inappropriate, immaterial questions. That will certainly not fetch any brownie points! Asking the right questions at a interview is vital for two very good reasons:

     Firstly and if only done correctly, the questions will go as far as to confirm the qualifications as a candidate for the particular position.

•    Secondly, a great opportunity to find out whether the organization and its working environment is the right fit.

The Goal of Asking Right Questions to the Interviewer is:

      Express interest in the employer and the organization

•      To ascertain that the interviewer has no suspicions about you

      To find out if the employer is a right fit for you

It is highly recommended that job seekers prepare a set of three to five questions before appearing for the interview, to be one the safe side. You definitely wouldn’t want to ask a rash question and blow the perfectly good job opportunity! To get you started, here are four questions that you can ask your interviewer.

1.     What skills and experiences would make for an ideal candidate? This is one of those great open-ended questions that will have the employer lay down his or her cards on the table and state exactly what he or she is looking for. If the interviewer happens to mention something that you did not cover yet, then this would be the perfect time to make a good impression.

2.    Are there any education and professional training offered? This would show that you are interested in expanding your knowledge and skills and would ultimately be growing with the employer and the organization.

3.     What is the single largest problem faced by the employees and staff, and would I be in a position to help solve this problem? This would show that you are clearly interested in the affairs of the organization and would like to work with the team in order to solve issues and help the establishment grow.

4.      Do you have any concerns? Always ask if the interviewer has any concerns regarding your abilities to perform the job. Generally, the employer answers honestly and this will provide you with one last chance to prove your mettle.

An attractive and precise resume and oodles of confidence asking all the right questions is what the hiring manager would be looking out for. Do you think you have got it in you? You sure do! Just brush up on your expertise and capabilities and make sure to rehearse the questions before leaving your home!

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